The Story behind the Art

For years, I was trying to write a book, published a podcast, wrote a blog etc. I have been searching for my medium to tell my story for many years. 


Never was I feeling blissful, while using other ways to express myself. Painting came naturally to me, quite out of nowhere. One day in the midst of the Corona pandemic, I has holding a brush and painted acrylics on a canvas I bought a year ago. The feeling that arose was pure joy for the moment. 


My very first painting started out as trying to create something beautiful (so others would perceive it as beautiful). Again, I couldn’t finish - a similar feeling as with writing came up. The painting was sitting there for two weeks  and then I felt brave. I wanted to „destroy“ it. While overpainting it with neon colors my 3 year old daughter enters the room and says „Mummy, this is the most beautiful painting I have ever seen. Can I please have it?“ 


Until this day, the first painting hangs in my daughter’s room reminding us to follow our heart, stay true to oneself and be brave. 


Since that day, my art as become my „Colours of Life“ and the right medium to tell my story, share my visions and feelings that arise either in the moment or prior during meditation.


- Karolina Lampka

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