The Story behind the Art

In my profession as Life Coach, I am in everyday contact with people that are afraid what others might think of them. Fear of rejection is a big deal for many of us, so that we never really express our inner truth, but choose the comfort zone instead. It feels safe to stick to the same routines, job, partner and things familiar.

My art actually builds on that feeling in terms of that I have no previous experience nor education as a painter. Instead, I am working with people, who all are not living up to their potential and are scared to step into the light and show their peers what is there underneath the surface.

I really know how much it takes to express yourself, how much courage is needed to just do it.

Therefore, my art is dedicated to all of you who who need a little bit of courage in life, a reminder that education as well as background doesn't define you and shall be a reminder that everything is possible. My art is the story of my life that I am rewriting the way it is suppose to be. And its intention for you is to to the same!


- Karolina Lampka

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