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Good Mood Paintings made in Berlin

My passion for abstract art has been always there, however most of my life it was just something that was just a passive love.


During the fist COVID lockdown in March 2020, I had to close down my life coaching practice and I was searching for new challenges.


Totally by coincidence, I started painting and I loved it more with each second. My little daughter (now 5) is my biggest supporter, and was the first one who encouraged me to pursue this passion further. 

Now two years later, I was able to establish a business, have my own studio space and recently also an online shop, where most of my art may be purchased stress-free. 

As to my past, I have a background in Start-ups and since 2018, I have been also working as life coach. I still do coaching from time to time, however I now mainly focus on developing my art business. 

Originally, painting was my therapy during a challenging time, that was filled with disappointments, a break-up, loosing my home & stability. It helped me coping with my feelings of anger, helplessness, frustration and I managed to turn these feelings into something beautiful.


My paintings usually are full of color and expression, as I just have so much to say and the result is usually perceived as something very positive. Therefore, I'd like to look at them as good mood paintings, cause they turn bad stuff into something good! They do it for me, and they will do it for you!



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