“Window”, 100 x 80 cm, acrylic on canvas

“Window” represents the window of opportunity. We all know the moments, where suddenly a window of opportunity appears. Often it’s a small window and we have to react fast, but it represents the moment things finally change for the better.

The window of opportunity is exactly that moment, when you decide to finally take that chance to say yes to a new partner, business opportunity or life changing decision.

Do you remember how you felt just before the moment the window opened itself? Scared? Unsure? Anxious? But the question is, how did you feel after wards, after taking that opportunity and reaping its seeds? Empowered? Strong? Unbreakable?

The painting represents exactly that momentum of strength. Where everything seems possible. A moment of, I can do it all.

What moment did change it all after you grabbed the opportunity?

The painting is not framed. If you wish to have it framed, kindly contact me after purchase and I’ll assist you with the framing process.

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