“Hypnotized”, 100 x 80 cm, acrylic on canvas

“Hypnotized” symbolises the beginning of a new series, which is all about deep feelings and empowers all human beings to create the reality they choose!

“Hypnotized” also represents a state of not being in control of your reality. That means, how often do you think that you are a victim to circumstances? How often do you think, this time it will be different? And yet the same result keeps appearing over and over in your life. It’s like you have been hypnotised to repeat the same mistake.

This original artwork represents the moment of change, where you finally realise that you are the creator of your reality. It doesn’t mean that challenges will not come your way, but it empowers you in the way you deal with these outside circumstances.

“Hypnotized” is a reminder to you that you are now conscious of your thoughts and behaviour. You are not hypnotised anymore and stoped working on auto-pilot.

This painting is for anyone who wishes to step out of their comfort zone in search for a better life experience. It’s here to change your reality.

The painting is not framed. If you wish to have it framed, feel free to contact me after purchase and I’ll assist you with the framing process.

Free worldwide shipping included!


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