“Deep Water”, 70 x 70 cm, acrylic on canvas

This painting is part of the “living organisms series”, which is characterised by detailed forms and structures inspired through nature such as reptiles or fossils.

„Deep Water“ has been a long desire to create an ocean inspired painting. I have a long lasting love to the ocean with all its living organisms in it. The ocean has something so positive and colourful as well at it can be very mysterious and dangerous. It’s definitely something to have respect for. It can hold you as well as kill you…

While creating this painting I had the most uplifting and beautiful feelings. I remembered some great situations hence the choice of colours.

In comparison to my previous paintings, which have been quite energetic, this one is not only a good choice for a living room but also for your bedroom to dream about deep waters.

The price includes free worldwide insured shipping. The painting is currently not framed. If you wish to have it framed, feel free to contact me after purchase, and I’ll manage the framing process for you.

Deep Water

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