“Becoming”, 100 x 80 cm, acrylic on canvas

“Becoming” is all about how common people are doing the uncommon to transform themselves and their lives.

The state of becoming symbolises a deep process of change and transformation. Best to describe this process is to think about metamorphosis. It’s clear from the beginning that the chrysalis is becoming a butterfly. It’s a natural process of growth, which also includes pain, challenge and suffering, yet in the end the chrysalis becomes a butterfly. There is no doubt in this process.

Therefore, there is no doubt that you are also in the process of becoming the best version of the person you are suppose to be. This process just confirms that our lives are full of amazing opportunities to become an outstanding human being.

The painting is not framed. If you wish to have it framed, feel free to contact me after purchase and I’ll happily assist you with the framing process.

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