Stuck at home?

This morning an Email from Brian Rose, Founder of London Real (, reached my inbox with the title "Stuck at home?". I felt curious as I have read many of these emails recently about what we should or should not do, however this one spoke to me. He is basically thanking everyone for watching his content while being at home, but at the same time asking us to take action. That means that too many people sit at home only consuming content, but not doing anything with it. Now is actually the time as we are not spending time commuting etc. to getting in better shape, learning a new skill, or starting that side hustle you have always talked about. He also gives a few examples of businesses that started as a side hustle and turned into a huge success.

That email, however, struck a nerve, as I am literally annoyed that I am only sitting at home not able to really do anything. My coaching business has been shut down due to the corona crisis. Coaching is not a medical necessity, therefore the rule in Germany is no contact with strangers. Of course, I may continue my work online, however how can I continue something that you need to watch your client full body, read his/hers emotions, and react to whatever you feel instinctively. I have also successfully started a meditation group that I felt has been helping its participants as well as me in order to release stress and get in contact with higher consciousness. And yet again, I could post my meditations online, do it as live session, but I liked it to feel the energy in the room. No internet connection can ever replace that human connection that connects us with each other. During all the meditation circles that I have hosed or ever participated in it was always that special energy that made me want to do it over and over again.

On many requests, I have decided to get up my blog again. I have been on a 2 year break from writing and as mentioned above, we now have the time to do that side hustle that we are passionate about. Writing a blog, sharing great content is my passion, therefore more is yet to come.

Stay tuned!

Namaste, Karo ♥︎

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