Meditation actually means coming home

I have written and spoken numerous times about the importance of meditation. Most of us when they think about meditation, they immediately get a bad conscience like as if they had forgotten brushing their teeth before going to work. I am though pleased to observe that so many of my friends have started to meditate.

Most of them still do not get the hang of it and think they are doing something wrong. But there is nothing that can be done wrong in meditation. The way I see it, there is no right nor wrong way. Meditation just is. It is a state which connect you to your true self, actually like checking in home after playing a long time outside with your friends. It takes some time to get used to meditation. It has to become a daily habit, something you just do everyday, preferably within the same routine and not only when you find time for it. I guess the best thing to do is to integrate meditation into your daily routine combined maybe, if possible, with a designated place to sit down / or lie down if you manage to not fall asleep. The whole point is to calm down and focus your attention on your inside. Observe the thoughts that arise. Say hello to all emotions that may come up even these of lower frequencies such as fear, anxiety or anger. They are all ok and are part of the human experience. Please do not judge yourself for any thought your have, just observe. You can also embrace these emotions internally, such as a caring mother would do and tell her child "it's ok to be sad, it's ok to feel angry and it's ok to feel anxious". That is what meditation is all about. It is a form of self-care and self-respect in a caring and loving way. In the end, this will connect you to your hear center, the heart chakra, your most powerful energy center in the body. The difference between the brain and the heart is that the brain may be able to think, but the heart is the one that really knows. The aim is to bring the heart and the mind into coherence, so that you experience your powerful loving self, true consciousness.

As with everything, there are days on which communication with the heart feels challenging, however the point is to just do it over and over again. You have to check in home at least once a day. Otherwise you may forget how home feels like and that is the feeling of most of us when they do not meditate. You will be trapped in a continuous state of suffering sometimes a bit less then usually, but in generally you will not experience beauty the way you are supposed to.

Therefore, meditation is one of the basic "techniques" I advise all my clients to start. I am not a fan of shallow coaching in terms of how to to this and that, but rather what do I really cherish, what does nurture me and how can I spread love with my being, my business my contribution in this world.

Namaste y'all!


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