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That's me

My career is shaped by my entrepreneurial background, collaboration with well-known personalities and successful female entrepreneurs, and my diverse spiritual and professional journey. Today, I specialize as a coach for female entrepreneurs.

Coachings available in German, English or Polish. 

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My Story

My career is shaped by my childhood experiences and the inspiring story of my parents. They came to Germany from Poland in the 80s, without any language skills or contacts, but with a strong will and a clear goal in mind. Within a few years they founded a successful IT company that was even listed on the stock exchange and represented in over 10 countries.

This environment, characterized by entrepreneurial spirit and hard work, influenced me from an early age. She gave me faith in my own abilities and the conviction that I can overcome any challenge.

After studying Communications Management (B.A.) and Events Marketing Management (M.A.), my professional career began at 77diamonds in London. There, as an online marketing assistant, I was able to gain my first insights into the world of e-commerce and discover my passion for marketing and sales. I quickly rose to lead a small sales team and learned everything about marketing, purchasing, sales and business management from the company's founders, true pioneers in the industry.

Back in Berlin, new opportunities opened up. I worked briefly for a renowned publisher and was involved in the production of two special editions for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). Afterwards I was headhunted by a Polish publisher and had the opportunity to start a new magazine for financial directors. At the same time, I was a co-founder of the “FINEXA” association, which still exists successfully today.

My entrepreneurial interest ultimately led me to founding “Savvie” - the first online service provider for make-up artists in Germany. This experience was a true lesson in entrepreneurship, collaboration and crisis management. Although my business partner at the time and I parted ways professionally, this was not a setback for me, but an opportunity to grow and develop. 


Our partnerships with well-known personalities such as Verena Kerth as well as successful entrepreneurs such as fashion designer Bibi Bachtadze and KOA founder Tamara Schenk brought us into the headlines and made us a sought-after contact point for stylists and make-up artists.

This was followed by several spiritual trips to India and the birth of my daughter. I faced new challenges and completed training in the areas of coaching, hypnosis and mindfulness training for children. Afterwards, I was co-founder of a private practice group "KaMa Praxis", which still exists today and is still successfully run by my good friend, qualified psychologist Marcella Gottschalk. 

The corona pandemic brought further changes. In 2022, I decided to further expand my experience and knowledge in the area of corporate coaching and consulting and took a position in the back office at a Swiss company. During this time, I broadened my horizons and, at the same time, learned everything about the challenges faced by executives in corporations, which later enabled me to specialize in the area of executive coaching. After I left, this company even became my first major customer, where I was able to support onboarding processes and training in the Berlin location, particularly in the area of employer branding.

However, I have now turned my focus to coaching female entrepreneurs, which is where my greatest strength lies. Through my own experiences in various business areas, dealing with the media and the public, as well as my diverse personal experiences, I have become an empathetic and effective coach and consultant. I support my clients in developing their full potential and being successful. 

I have also gained experience as the author of several books, which were mainly published in the USA. My works span various genres such as children's books, fitness books and personal development books. I also dedicate myself to painting and recently even had my own opening. My artI mainly sell online.

- Carolina

Simone R., Berlin

"You're great. Your coaching sessions always seemed very clear and structured - I felt very comfortable in your presence. Your feedback was always very helpful and profound. You're super emphatic and totally open - your clients will love that about you.

 Thank you for the great time!"

Kerstin B., Berlin

"I have personally met you as very open-hearted and honest. Your calm demeanor gives you a relaxed aura.


As a coach, I found you to be very empathetic, calm and balanced. You are in the here and now and give your client the feeling of being completely with them. Your coaching sessions were always consistent with the process. You have good comprehension and observation skills with clear communication."

Nadja S., Munich

"The calmness with which you carry out your coaching sessions and the professionalism with which you remain in the process is exemplary. You lead clients straight to the point without any fuss, transitioning from one thing to the other with ease. You also don't shy away from your experiences Giving away your own life is beyond that remarkable."

PR & Cooperations in the past

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Online feature at German Startups with Verena Kerth as the brand face of Savvie.

Verena was styled in various make-up looks, which customers could book. 

The dress was kindly sponsored by the internationally recognized designer BIBI BACHTADZE.


Feature in The Hundred Magazine


Feature in the Tagesspiegel heads about Savvie and the founding team

spring look-make-up.jpg

Tamara Schank, KOA founder and influencer supported Savvie as a model for our spring campaign. 

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